There’s over a dozen surf breaks around the lodge including world-class waves for all surfing levels.

We also have some secret spots…trust our surf guide to help you score when the conditions are right.

A typical day at The Lodge may include :

Breakfast served from 7am at the Nyang Nyang Hut.
For early birds that want to score a first sunrise surf out the front there will be tea, coffee, nuts and fruits available. Depending on the swell and wind conditions, we’ll jump aboard our boats and look for the best waves around after breakfast. If we decide to leave for a day full trip we will pack lunch, snacks and fresh beverages to eat on board or a beach, otherwise we will come back to GinGin for lunch at the hut.
Use of boats available for afternoon sessions upon request*. Back at GinGin, take a shower, enjoy a meal, chill and rest up for the next day of surfing and adventure.


Our priority is to get you on the best waves around but we also know that fishing and spear fishing can be great activities, due to the nature of the reefs and underwater wildlife.

We will have fishing equipment available including spear guns, snorkels, fins etc for our guests but we strongly encourage fishing enthusiasts to bring their own fishing gear.

Thanks to Robinson our local fishing expert, you’ll be able to discover some amazing fishing areas near reefs and in deep Ocean, where large pelagic such as Wahoo, Mackerels, Giant Trevally, King fish, King Barracudas, Dogtooth Tuna and others can be found.


Underwater life is extremely rich in this area and offers an incredible diversity, in a warm crystal clear water. This is a spectacular experience to encounter local species such as turtles and all the colorful reef fishes in their natural environment.
You can either go snorkeling on the beach in front of the lodge or book a boat trip with our staff to take you to other spots around the island.
Next time you’ll be surfing a wave, you’ll have this in mind and we can assure you’ll feel a deep connection and a great harmony with the wildlife below your feet!